As we continue to explore celebrating together as a community apart from each other, we decided to launch Tim Talks.

Episode 2A Year in the Life of St. Tim’s 2020-2021

The second episode captures some of what life has been like this past year and helps us make sense of the journey we’re on as “Easter people” in a pandemic. We invite you to take a little time, sit back and reflect on how we’ve grown, how God has moved in our lives and in the life of the church as you watch this video put together by The Rev. Gerlyn Henry.

Watch Episode 2 Video

Episode 1Christmas from Various Cultures

The first episode features Christmas from Various Cultures, particularly England and Germany. We invite you to take a little time, sit back with your popcorn and hot chocolate, and watch this wonderful video put together by our very own Rev. Gerlyn Henry, as we share in the traditions and cultures of some members of our parish.

Watch Episode 1 Video

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