Giving to the Church

We encourage all of you to continue to give generously in support of the work that continues despite and because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As visitors become regular members of the St Timothy community, one of many important steps in faith and commitment to the church is through financial giving. There are several ways you can do this:

Consider switching to Pre-Authorized Giving

Each year we set a budget based on what we need to spend to accomplish our mission and upon what we expect to see as a offering revenue.
Pre-authorized giving helps the Church to budget better. It lets us know what our revenue should be in any given month, even the summer months when many of us take holiday. PAG means that our offerings still come to the Church while we’re away. It is very easy to set up (and we can help!) and you only need to do it once. Download the PAG Authorization Form and return to the church office c/o Envelope Secretary Jane Hutchinson, or via PAG also helps us as parishioners to budget better and to fulfill our calling to give to God’s work and support the community to which we belong.