There are a number of Christian education opportunities for adults at St. Timothy’s, including several lay-led groups where debates have been known to become quite heated as we struggle together with the meaning of our faith.   If you would like to know more about these events, please contact the office.

Throughout the Year

The Downtown “C” Group

This group meets monthly, as it has for some 25 years. They shifted to Zoom meetings until recently. There is normally a break between July and August. Beginning in September 2022, the plan is to meet in the Parlour of St. Timothy’s. Originally made up of interested businesspeople working downtown, most members are now retired. It is open to anyone interested. Featuring lively and loving debates over lunch, the members have read books as diverse as “The Zealot” and the works of Marcus Borg. They are currently studying “The Rebel Christ” by Michael Coren.

Round Table

The Round Table is an open group of 8 – 10 people who meet once a month to share their thoughts around a chosen book. They look for Progressive Christian authors whose books will kindle discussion. They have just finished “Unbelievable“ by Bishop John Shelby Spong – a favourite author of the group. It has stimulated much discussion of where each person is at in their faith journey and how church traditionally expresses this faith.
The next title will be “Reimagining God” by Lloyd Geering. The traditionally meets over Sunday lunch, but since Covid, have meet over Zoom screens. New members are encouraged to join this group.


Seasonal Book Study

Usually for Lent and Advent a Book Study is held, led by the clergy.

Once a Year Events

Breakaway 2020 with guest speaker Bishop Kevin Robertson
Breakaway 2022 with guest speaker Bishop Kevin Robertson
Breakaway Weekend

Put on hold the last two years, this event has occurred for 20+ years, around the beginning of February at Fair Havens Bible Conference near Beaverton. We had roughly 80 attendees in the last few pre-pandemic years. A guest speaker gives three talks to the adults over the weekend while the children have supervised fun. People arrive when they can on Friday night to find a hot-pot dinner waiting. A break-the-ice session happens around 8pm setting the relaxed and friendly tone for the weekend. Fair Havens provides meals on Saturday and Sunday, giving attendees many opportunities for conversation. There is time to enjoy the country air Saturday afternoon, participate in a pick-up hockey game, cross-country skiing, skating on a frozen pond or going for a walk. On Saturday evening the always-entertaining Saturday Night Alive occurs. This ‘talent’ show consists of skits, musical performances and other acts parishioners dream up. An informal Eucharist is held Sunday morning followed by a hot lunch before everyone gets on their way.