Get Involved

There are many organized occasions to socialize and get to know fellow parishioners better.

Coffee Hour

Follows the 10:00 Eucharist every Sunday. A wonderful opportunity  to get to know new friends and keep up with old ones.

Breakaway Weekend

Going strong after 20+ years, our family friendly Breakaway Weekend occurs around the beginning of February at Fair Havens Bible Conference near Beaverton. A parish tradition of over 20 years means a weekend away from the city – all inclusive winter break.  A guest speaker gives three talks to the adults over the weekend while the children have supervised fun.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Happens about once a year on a Saturday evening. Pot Luck dinners are held in parishioners’ homes, with six to eight people at each home. The organizers attempt to group people who don’t know each other well. The evenings are highly enjoyed and the camaraderie is noticeable at the following day’s service.

Advent Pot-Luck Dinner

Held annually on the Saturday before the First Sunday in Advent, features delicious food and a loud din of conversation followed by an Advent and Christmas hymn sing-along. Close to 100 parishioners of all ages attend this annual start to Advent.

Community lunches

Held on the fourth Monday of each month. Volunteers provide dishes, set-up, serve, socialize and clean-up for these lunches which are open for anyone to attend.

Sunday Stone Soups

Held two or three times in the winter involve many people. Parishioners are asked to bring some food item to put in a soup or to serve along with the soup. During the service, a number of outreach volunteers are busy concocting various soups with the supplied ingredients. After the service everyone is welcome to have a hot soup lunch and listen to a guest speaker talk about their outreach service.

St. Andrew’s Group

Meets Wednesday mornings. Many friendships among these ladies go back over decades but newcomers are always welcome. The group produces some wonderful handmade items which they sell, using the profits to support St. Timothy`s, Moorelands, The Stop and other charities. A Eucharist service and bag lunch follow the morning’s handcrafting.

Family Fun Nights

Occur every other month during the school year and are a social event to encourage families with younger children to come together and engage with St. Timothy’s. A casual meal and an activity make up the evening. Past activities include skating at the local outdoor rink, a barbecue and games night in the spring, and a pizza and ice cream night in the fall.

The Old Orchard Blossoms

This group is one of over 240 similar groups across Canada which supports the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmother to Grandmother campaign. The group’s mandate is to raise awareness of the grandmother’s supportive role in the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa. They raise funds through grassroots projects in Canada to assist grassroots projects in Africa run by and for grandmothers as they support their grandchildren and other orphans created by this pandemic.

The Men’s Breakfast

Occurs on the second Saturday of each month at 8:30. The aim of the group is for the men to get to know one another better resulting in closer friendships. The Men’s Breakfast group hosts an annual Mothers’ Day Breakfast before the 10am service and all women, whether they are mothers or not, are invited to attend.

Christmas Kitchen

As the holidays approach the annual Christmas Kitchen has become a not-to-be-missed community event. This one day event includes high quality baked goods, silent auction, youth shopping room, and a visit with Saint Nick! The date is published on our web site and through our facebook page in the run up to the event, which is usually in late November. If you would be interested in volunteering to help prepare for the event contact our church office

Pancake Supper

What would Shrove Tuesday br without a delicious Pancake Supper? All the pancakes and sausages you can eat, plus a healthy serving of fellowship and family fun.

Other Events

There are many opportunities to volunteer at St. Timothy’s. Working side by side on Chancel Guild, in the Choir, as Sidespeople, Greeters, several book clubs and helping with the various outreach and fundraising events fosters community.

Please check our Facebook page for current activities